Private and relaxing experience designed for open-space office.

Pause is a business/design project for business of design class in CCA. The goal is to build up a startup company by identifying the users, designing business model, creating products, etc. We are interested in designing a workplace getaway to help employees reduce stress and restore energy for life and work.

Let me introduce Leslie. Leslie works at a large software corporation. The work is intensive and she wish she could take a power nap sometimes. unfortunate, there’s no proper space for her to sleep.

We are Leslie. We are a couple of busy urban survivors who work under stress and crave occasional break. Lounge, drink and Xbox are not always what we need.

Learn the User

Persona is created based on the interviews of two types of our potential customers/users:
buyers who are in charge of company’s furniture purchase
company employees who use. or want to use this type of furniture.

Identify the Problem

According to studies and research: More than 40 percent of Americans get less than seven hours of sleep per night. Nearly half of Americans say that insufficient sleep affects their daily activities. The implications extend beyond health. Lack of sleep costs U.S. companies a staggering $63 billion in lost productivity.


<7 hours of sleep


insufficient sleep affects daily activities

$63 Billion

costs lost in productivity

It’s time to dispel the myth that we can function perfectly on eight working hours!

Companies like Google, Zappos and Ben & Jerry’s are getting on board with the napping trend and have built nap rooms in their offices. They are realizing that their employees’ health is one of the most important predictors of the company’s health, as well.

Competitor Analysis

Natural and immersive experience is the type of service we want to provide based on the analysis of current market.


The control panel allows you to choose the environment themes, which will immediately isolate you from the working space. The blue light glows on the pod visualizes how long the occupying user will stay.


From the inside, the sound effect will lead you to a simulated natural environment experience. And the dimmed light settings make you feel more comfortable in the dark space. A customized aroma will make you relax from the working mode. It can take you to the forests, the beach and any places you like. The atmosphere light around you will gradually become stronger to wake you up gently after the nap.

Business Model

Instead of selling our products, we are going to lease them directly to company customers. It will be $500 per month, including maintenance and service fee. We am aiming at a hassle-free experience for customers, that means we will take care of everything after company buyers placed the order. and also by leasing, we can make the product more affordable to companies with limited budget.








Our marketing strategy will focus on two groups of people, company buyers and company users.  for buyers, we are approaching through a more traditional way. we will have salesmen and showrooms in debut cities, our participating in furniture trade shows will also build a closer connections with them.    

Revenue Forecast

In the first year, we might loose six hundred thousands dollars,but that should not be worried. leasing model profits in long term. we are expecting a 3.2 million dollars net profit at the end of the third year.

Our Team
Sophie Shao

Interaction Designer

Tian Fei

Head of Finance

Linda Lai

Industrial Designer

Hongru Hou


Yunwen Tu

Industrial Designer

User Journey
Design Iterations

Interaction Design, Visual Design